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Petunia Meets Ginny

15. After promising Harry she wouldn’t hurt the Dursleys, Harry took Ginny to Number 4 Privet Drive. Upon arrival, Harry knocked on the door, hand in hand with Ginny, when the door swung open. Petunia Dursley screamed with delight and wrapped her arms around Ginny. “Lily, you’re back!”, she cried, with tears in her eyes. But when she looked more closely at the woman and man who looked so much like her sister and husband, she realised that they were not who she thought they were. For the green eyes of Harry were not to be found on the woman in front of her, nor the careless, almost arrogant smirk to be found on the man. From that day on, Ginny and Petunia had a very good relationship because no one had ever reminded Petunia of her sister so much.

(submitted by Lily Luna~ who can be found in the link provided)


  • 31 December 2011
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